Rebel Wilson is having some trouble finding herself a man, admitting that the world of dating is "really difficult" for a famous person.

The 38-year-old star, whose past relationships have included a romance with stuntman Aden Stay and a rumoured dalliance with her How To Be Single co-star Mickey Gooch Jr., revealed on Australia's Today show on Friday (01Feb19) that her celebrity status is making it even harder for her to find a beau.

"It’s really difficult," she sighed. "Normally people that approach you are the really confident, cocky ones. Regular dudes don't normally come up."

And asked what she's looking for in an other half, Rebel said she wants "someone who is nice, maybe talented, not got a criminal record - something like that." At the top of her wish list is "any Hemsworth". She recently shot Isn't It Romantic alongside Liam Hemsworth, and was blown away when she saw a picture of the Hemsworth dad.

"Any Hemsworth I’ll take - even the dad. I saw a picture of him the other day - even the dad is ripped!" she giggled.

Rebel recently partnered with Audible on a campaign to "Make Words Great Again". And she added in the interview that when it comes to her preferences in audio books - she loves listening to tomes about dating.

"I actually like listening to dating books - they’re very informative. I’ve been using my tricks and it’s been working," she laughed. "There’s an amazing trick when you’re on a date. You might ask the guy, ‘Oh can you just hold my bag for a second’ or ‘can you just hold my jacket for a second’. Of course normally they say yes, if they say no that’s a big no, but it makes them feel more wanted. (That's just a) minor tip - I could go on about it for hours. It really helps!"

Australian actress Rebel has no less than four movies coming out in 2019, but her work schedule isn't slowing down anytime soon. She's currently filming the movie adaptation of musical Cats in London, and will play the character of Jennyanydots, alongside a cast which includes Judi Dench, Idris Elba and even Taylor Swift.

Asked about her character, Rebel replied: "She gets her own number - she’s known as Gumbie Cat. Taylor’s cat is more the sexy cat, but I’m the Gumbie Cat - so I’m taking that."