Isla Fisher didn't get a chance to wash her feet before Matthew McConaughey's toe-sucking scene in their new movie The Beach Bum.

The Wedding Crashers star had a great time working with the Oscar winner but admits his improvising left a lot to be desired, because he wanted to act out whatever he came up with for the new Harmony Korine film, in which he plays a free-spirited artist.

"Matthew's character has been away for a period of time... and he's a very hedonistic sort of free spirit, and my character and his character have a Bohemian relationship, and he comes back and begins to suck my toes," Isla tells Access Live.

"I said, 'Matthew, I've been walking around set with no shoes on and it's late in the afternoon... You really wanna...' It was too late, they (toes) were in his mouth."

She adds, "I did not have a foot facial before my big moment."

Isla insists Matthew was not what she expected, calling him one of the most talented actors she has ever worked with, but she wasn't exactly thrilled with the nickname he gave her.

"He called me his little ginger goat through the entire shoot, which I didn’t mind in the beginning but after I was like, 'I wouldn’t mind the use of my name at some point'," she recalls. "I don’t think he knew it. I'm pretty sure he thought he was working with Amy Adams."

The new movie, which also features Snoop Dogg, Jonah Hill and Zac Efron, hits cinemas in North America this weekend (29-31Mar19).