Will Smith's Hustlers viewing party came to a halt when Stevie Wonder surprised the star with a birthday serenade.

The Aladdin star was hosting a private screening of the stripper drama starring Jennifer Lopez for friends last month (Sep19) when the gathering was interrupted by the legendary musician.

Smith took to Instagram to share the exciting story with Lopez via a video post, in which he revealed the shocking moment occurred when Wonder's name was mentioned in the film.

"So Jennifer, this is crazy. So, we're in (watching) the movie, and this is a really weird story. It's my birthday, and we're in the movie, and it's the scene where your character is talkin' 'bout Stevie Wonder in the champagne room," Smith shared. "And Stevie walks in."

Smith, who turned 50 on 25 September (19), was then treated to a performance of the star's 1981 hit Happy Birthday.

"They pause the movie, and Stevie walks in and sings me Happy Birthday...So we just wanted to send this (video) to you," he adds.

In the footage, the actor then turns to the singer and asks if he's ever been in the champagne room at a strip club.

"Well let me tell you something," Wonder says with a smile. "If I was there, I'll never show, I'd never say. 'Cause, you know, whenever I'm asked about it I can say, 'Well, I didn't see where I was.'"

Smith also made sure to share his review of the film in the caption, adding "P.S. @jlo Hustlers was fantastic."