Natalie Portman is keen for her fellow actresses to share details about their salaries to help each other negotiate pay.

The Oscar-winning actress is championing equal pay in Hollywood, and has called on her peers to be more open when it comes to the "taboo" surrounding their pay cheques.

"If we don't talk to each other, we can't share, we can't get information, we can't get angry and organise together," Natalie told Elle magazine. "It's actually really important to talk."

Explaining the reasoning behind the initiative, the Lucy in the Sky star continued: "It's actually a real way that we can help each other, to be like: 'Hey, this is what I get paid. This is how I negotiated this.'"

Her comments come after the 38-year-old recently opened up about the adversity women face in society, explaining to Build Series how they're often scrutinised more than their male counterparts, adding: "The same qualities that might be celebrated in one might be put down in another gender."