The 55-year-old actor insisted his pal was taken to hospital and even funded an ambulance after he heard the comic had been vomiting for two days, and it was later discovered Bobby had had a stroke.

Appearing on 'Lights Out with David Spade', Bobby said: "I had an intracranial hemorrhage. I spent the entire LA winter in the hospital -- five days

"Dave saw it, I couldn't talk for like, two weeks. Spade actually called the ambulance."

David joked he couldn't be called a "hero" in the situation but had been stricken with "good guy syndrome".

He replied: "You know, hero is a strong word, what happened was -- everyone keeps saying it -- but Bobby ... he opens for me on the road sometimes, we go on tour and we were in Aspen [Colorado] or something, and I called him the next day to go to a movie or a couple days later, and he goes, 'Oh I can't, I've been barfing all day.'

"I thought it was altitude sickness but said,, 'If you need anything, I'll bring it over.'

"But then I checked on him the next day, and I sort of forgot he was sick, and I go, 'Hey, you wanna go to dinner?' and he goes, 'Oh I haven't stopped throwing up for two days and I haven't had a glass of water,' and I go, 'This is bad.'

So, good guy syndrome, I say, I'm gonna call an ambulance. 'No, no, I'll go to the doctor'. But I sent one over.
"And then they freak out because they go, 'He's in really bad shape, and he won't get in the ambulance.'

"I go, 'Tell him he has to.' 'He won't get in.' 'Tell him he has to.' 'He won't get in.' 'Tell him I'll pay for it'. 'He's in the ambulance.' "

And the 'Grown Ups' star joked Bobby took advantage of his kindness even while so ill.

He quipped: "[I asked the paramedics] You get to the hospital yet? 'No, he stopped at Nobu. Is this all on the same card?' "

Bobby feels he has already repaid his friend's kindness as he bought him a voucher for sandwich chain Jimmy Johns.

He said: "But as thanks I got both Spade and his assistant Heather $40 gift certificates to Jimmy Johns. You can go four times if you're smart."

David agreed: "We're even I guess."