(Cover) - EN Movies - Tom Hardy forgets about everything else in his life when filming a challenging scene.

The British actor insists staying focused is the key to a believable performance. Tom channels all his energies into acting when he is on a movie set, even if he is facing a crisis in his personal life.

“You cannot care too much about your problems. You have to keep working, even if the day before you lost a relative or you have a hangover,” he told Italian magazine Flair. “I don’t think I have ever got lost in a character… Each scene is the result of a long preparation and there is no room for mistakes. What’s really important before shooting is to find the right inspiration.”

In his latest movie, Warrior, Tom plays an ex-Marine who arrives home from Iraq. His former boxer father is a recovering alcoholic who begins training him for a mixed martial arts contest.

Tom spent time with boxers while preparing for the role and insists they are pleasant people outside the ring.

“This world is very different from that which we usually live in, but it’s real as well, with its own passions and hates,” he explained. “Contrary to what one might think, most boxers are very kind and good people. They do not have to prove anything to anyone.”

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