Judi Dench supplied Taylor Swift with candy while they were working on the upcoming movie adaptation of Cats.
The pair star alongside Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, and Jennifer Hudson in Tom Hooper's big screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic stage musical.

Speaking with British Vogue magazine, Swift revealed her veteran co-star made her feel right at home during the shoot and even had her favourite candy sent to her dressing room after discovering she was a fan.

"She's lovely. I remember being on set, and there is one scene that Idris and I do with Judi, and someone walked up to me with this kind of gummy candy and I was like, 'Oh, I've never had this before, this must be British candy, this is amazing,'" she recalled in the joint interview with Lloyd Webber. "I was raving about this candy so much and Judi must have overheard me, because the next day I got to my dressing room and there was a signed photo from Judi and, like, six bags of it."

Elsewhere in the chat, the composer revealed he wanted the part of Old Deuteronomy to be written as a woman so Dench could have a part, as she was supposed to originate the role of Grizabella in the stage musical but had to withdraw after she snapped her Achilles tendon.

"I had this idea, which I ran past Tom, that we could make Old Deuteronomy a woman. Seeing her perform this time was quite an emotional thing for me, because it was a very, very sad day when she had to leave the original show."
Cats hits cinemas from 19 December.