Star Wars actor Adam Driver has become more selective about the projects he takes on since becoming a father, because he hates spending time away from home.

The 36 year old quietly welcomed a son with his wife, Joanne Tucker, in 2016, shortly after his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise turned him into a global star.

Driver, who is known for closely guarding his private life, admits fatherhood has changed his approach to his career, because leaving his family to work on location for weeks on end is no longer a feasible option - unless it's a role he simply can't pass up.

"I'm trying to not work a lot," he tells Rolling Stone magazine. "The stakes are different now. It really has to be worth it, because you have to be gone a lot."

The actor's habit of fully immersing himself in each project also poses an issue now he has more responsibilities at home.

"(I have) a problem with multitasking - I see one thing and obsess about that thing until it's over," he says, adding that becoming a parent has made him realise the need to make more time to "be a person" instead of just dedicating chunks of time to his work.

Driver certainly has more pull in Hollywood to pick and choose his jobs after a series of career highs in 2019, including a return to Broadway in the play Burn This, and roles in CIA drama The Report and the critically-acclaimed Marriage Story, as well as the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

However, the actor still worries the bubble of his success will soon burst: "I often think that there's someone hanging in the sidelines with, like, a big fly swatter," he shares. "I'm waiting for reality to hit."