Scarlett Johansson turned to top chef Bobby Flay when she suffered a gravy nightmare over Thanksgiving.

The Avengers star stepped up to cook the feast on Thursday (28Nov19) to give her "very pregnant" sister the day off, but admits she struggled in to kitchen and needed the help of an expert on FaceTime.

"Honestly, I need a full vacation from that Thanksgiving (meal)... I was struggling hardcore," Scarlett joked on Live with Kelly and Ryan. "It was a lot of people. It was very intense."

And though her fiance, Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost, was on hand, he was a little preoccupied.

"Colin was making an apple pie, for it seemed like four days," she complained. "I was, 'Why are you still making that pie? Get over here!'"

Johansson, meanwhile, was having "a full-blown like, panic attack over a gravy", adding, "You make all that broth and what? I was stirring this huge witch's broth, and then it cooks down to, like, nothing."

When someone suggested she needed an emulsifier to help, she "looked it up" online before realising it was much "too late" to "order (one) from Amazon", and so she called her famous chef friend Flay for help.

"So I did FaceTime him over the gravy...," she admitted. "Yeah, Bobby Flay actually did help me figure out the gravy. He talked me from, like, an 11 down to, like, a four."