The 35-year-old actress has 19-month-old son Sebastian with her husband Ryan Piers Williams, and her ‘Superstore’ co-star Lauren has gushed over the bond America has with her tot, saying she “admires” the way she’s always there when little Sebastian needs her.

Lauren told Us Weekly magazine: “She loves that child so much, she adores them so so much, but she hasn’t lost herself if that makes any sense. She still takes the time that she needs to do her job, to [do] self care. I really admire how much she has continued to take care of herself because I think that allows her to be as present for her child as possible. That’s something I’ve always looked up to.”

And America will soon have her hands twice as full, as she revealed on New Year’s Eve (30.12.19) that she and Ryan are expecting their second child together.

She wrote on social media at the time: “Welcoming Baby #2 in 2020! Happy New Year from our wild & growing bunch. (sic)”

Meanwhile, the ‘Ugly Betty’ alum recently said motherhood has made her "happier" than she "ever imagined”.
She gushed: "He's wonderful. I'm happier than I ever imagined being as a mom. He's getting more mobile - army crawling. He comes to work with me sometimes.”

Following Sebastian’s birth, America admitted she was working hard to get her body back in shape, as she had given up her body to her child whilst carrying him.

She said: "I'm still very much in service of my son ... I'm just now starting to feel like I want to feel strong in my body again. I didn't work out as much as I imagined I would during my pregnancy. I was in triathlon shape when I got pregnant. I had so much on my plate and something had to give. You create life. I found so much power in that.
"More than anything, I just try to be aware of how does what I eat make me feel. Do I feel better? Do I feel energised? Does this make me tired and not feel great?”

The ‘How To Train Your Dragon' actress - who fell pregnant with her son weeks before celebrating seven years of marriage with Ryan, who she married in 2011 - confessed she "swore off scales" and tries not to be so "hard on herself".

She added: "I try to go easy on myself. I think that's been one of the mantras for me in all of motherhood - to try and not be so hard on myself. Which is a challenge because, like so many women, I demand so much more of myself than I would ever demand of someone else."