Actress Anya Taylor-Joy doesn't have a place to call home, because she's been working non-stop.

The Witch star was born in the U.S. but spent the first six years of her life in Argentina and then the U.K.

And she's still not sure where home is.

"I don’t really have one right now," she told Live With Kelly & Ryan. "It's a bit confusing. I was born in the States but then went straight over to Argentina, where all my family is - then we moved to London.

"And then I started acting and I haven’t stopped making movies, so I don’t have a house yet but I’m working on that."

Even though her English now sounds flawless, she refused to start learning the language when she first arrived in Britain.

"I... only learned English when I was eight because I was convinced if I didn’t speak the language in England, I would have to go home (to Argentina) but that didn’t work out," she added. "I had no friends, so I needed to learn the language pretty quickly."

But sometimes even Anya gets confused about what language and accent she should be using.

"The thing is that I have an English accent when I’m talking to my mum but because it’s not my first language, I tend to mimic the people I’m around... So I’ll go to Ireland and all of a sudden I'll start sounding Irish. And I'm like, 'No no no, I'm not making fun of you, I'm just trying to keep it together.'"