Terry Crews is glad his wife was very proactive with her cancer treatment so it was all completed before the Covid-19 lockdown.

The actor and TV personality and his wife, Rebecca, had an awful start to 2020 as she was diagnosed with cancer, but she didn't wait for options and underwent a double mastectomy within weeks.

"We've been through a lot in our lives," the America's Got Talent host said. "We've been married for 31 years and this was the biggest challenge we've ever faced together. The wonderful thing is my wife is a warrior and she decided to become very proactive with her treatment. She had a double mastectomy in mid-February just a couple of weeks before the stay-at-home orders happened.

"By her being proactive we were able to skip a lot of the chaos that was going on because, at the time, COVID was far away. Once we had that order I got to be her nurse and was taking care of her bathing, the laundry and cooking. We got closer even though she doesn't like my cooking that much!

"I don't know any other time in my career or in my life where I would've had the time to do this. I tell her now in a romantic way that I think the world shut down so that I could take care of her."

As well as helping out around the house, The Expendables star signed on to be a part of YouTube's Celebrity Substitute project and has appeared in virtual classrooms to help kids stuck at home from school.

"I said I want to be a part of where we would show up into these virtual classrooms and bring celebrities in there and say, 'Hello, I'm with you'," he said during a recent SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations event. "I got with this one class and taught an art class with the teacher who teaches in Compton. The crazy thing is when I showed up on the Zoom they were like, 'Wait a minute...' To see the look of joy on their faces will never be forgotten and I knew I wanted to make it super special so they didn't feel like they were missing something."