In 2012 Oliver Twist will receive a modern day adaptation. Produced by Pure Grass Films and The Salt Company, ‘Twist’ is a 3D feature film that represents the coming of age of the timeless classic Dickens novel. It’s a modern day spin that will see Fagin’s gang attempt a series of audacious art thefts using Parkour , the phenomenon that’s been gripping streets around the globe for the past decade.

Matthew Parkhill (THE CALLER starring Stephen Moyer from True Blood) will be Directing, and Sébastien Foucan, the founder of freerunning, will be masterminding the Parkour action sequences. Foucan is most famously known for shimmying up a sky high crane in the opening action sequence from James Bond - Casino Royale

Production on the 3D feature film will start in March, 2012 and YOU COULD BE PART OF FAGIN’S GANG!

Pure Grass Films and The Salt Company are looking for actors who are also practitioners of Parkour and Freerunning (or skateboarding, gymnastics or similar). We are looking for people aged 16-24, male and female, to play the key characters in Fagin’s Gang.

With the help of social networking, candidates are asked to submit videos, no more than 2 minutes in length, introduce themselves and demonstrate their extreme sporting skills.

Please submit videos to the Twitter page of the film: @twistthemovie using the hashtag #faginsgang. The Top 25 entrants selected by director Matthew Parkhill,Sébastien Foucan, the Producers and VHJ Casting will be invited to London for a final face-to-face audition at London’s brand new Parkour park, L.E.A.P,on Saturday 3rd December 2011.. At least one lucky entrant will then be selected to appear in the film as part of Fagin’s gang!

The Story & The Characters:

Oliver Twist is propelled into present day London when 17 year old Oliver falls in with a street gang in London who use Parkour to carry out daring art heists for a shady stolen goods dealer - Fagin.

Spectacular Parkour set pieces - as well as skateboarding, car chases, bike chases and sheer unadulterated energy - in thrilling 3D, are seamlessly woven with the well-known story of a boy who learns a lesson and finds a family…with a few more twists along the way.

Oliver is 17, an orphan who has learned to live off his wits, as well as his speed, there’s not many who can catch him. When he meets the gang and starts to learn Parkour just as fast, he’s going to become an invaluable asset to Fagin.

Nancy, a former gymnast, is a character chameleon (she can play anything from hippy art student to Russian art dealer).

Dodge is streetwise, ambitious and handsome in a dangerous kind of way. He likes being in charge and is an artful freerunner.

Batesy may act tough but he’s the baby of the group and also the gang’s computer geek. His Parkour skills are efficient, if a little less flamboyant than Dodge, but he knows how to get from A to B.

Tom “TC” Chitling
Bigger than Batsey, and twice as cocky, full of charm and humour, TC get teased because he doesn’t yet have a “thing”, a specialised skill, what that “thing” is may be up to you.

‘Twist’ is now open for video submissions and the ‘Top 25’ shortlist casting event will take place at London’s new Parkour Park, the L.E.A.P. on Saturday 3rd December.

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