Brad Pitt will be forever grateful to Ridley Scott and Geena Davis for taking a chance on him in Thelma & Louise.

The actor recalled playing cowboy drifter J.D., and said he was thankful for director Ridley and his co-star Geena for taking a chance on him in the 1991 drama, which catapulted him to Hollywood superstardom.

“I’m really grateful to Ridley Scott and Geena, who gave me that shot, because that was the big league," the 56-year-old told The Sun on Sunday. “I had nothing to show for myself, except for my work as an extra, and they took a chance on me.

“I think they were desperate, to tell you the truth. They were already shooting because a week later I was on set, working."

In the classic movie, which also starred Susan Sarandon, Brad played a thief who has broken parole and seduces Geena's character, and he confessed that he cringes when watching himself in the movie.

“I’m more aware of how high my voice is in it. My a*s must have been clenched so tight, being the first one," Brad laughed.

He also revealed that he was up against five other actors to land the part of J.D., one of which was George Clooney, and it was Geena who picked him out personally.

"The blond one... hello!" she reportedly quipped at the time.