Ken Jeong's naked The Hangover scene led to the cops being called about the production.

The first Hangover movie in 2009 propelled Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis to superstardom, and also made Ken and Ed Helms household names.

Ken's turn as Leslie Chow in the original movie and its two subsequent spin-offs garnered him a whole new set of fans, and it was his own suggestion that Chow leap naked from the trunk of a car in the famous scene - something producer Scott Budnick has revealed nearly got the production team in hot water with the law.

"We were on this empty lot outside Mandalay Bay (hotel in Las Vegas), it is probably 110 degrees... it was so miserably hot and Ken has to jump out of this trunk naked 20 to 30 times," he recalled in a chat on The John Roa Show.

"It was wild, but I also remember that because it wasn't supposed to be naked, we ultimately got the cops called on us. Because people that were in Mandalay Bay and other hotels around it kept seeing this naked guy jump out, and called the cops. We had to scramble to make sure that they didn't see it. It was a wild day. It was a miserable day, and one of the funniest days ever, working on a film."

It was originally scripted that Ken jumped from the car in his pants with no shirt, but the comedy actor suggested he lose all his clothes.

"He said to me, 'Do you think it would be funny if I did it naked?' and my eyes got big and I said, 'Let me talk to Todd (Phillips, director)," he shared.

"(He replied) 'Hell, yeah, make it happen'."

Scott went on to praise "trooper" Bradley, who Ken jumps on and then beats with a pipe in the movie.