Brie Larson has shared footage of her first workout since quarantine began in March.

The Oscar-winning actress, who launched her own YouTube channel earlier this month, posted a new video on Thursday in which she revealed that she hasn't worked out for months and so decided to team up with her personal trainer Jason Walsh, who helped her get fit for 2019's Captain Marvel, for a virtual workout video.

"This is my first workout since the quarantine began," she told viewers in an introduction to the session. "I tried to do something easy and I was like, 'Jason, why don't we do a 10 minute workout video?' Like, we all want to work out for 10 minutes really, right? It was not 10 minutes long, I would call this the tale of the 10 minute-long workout that was actually an hour-and-a-half."

Over video chat, the celebrity trainer told the Avengers: Endgame actress he had designed a workout to serve as a "reintroduction" to "wake the body up" based on the knowledge that she hasn't "worked out in months".

Brie, who snacked on a cookie before the session began, admitted she was anxious.

"I've been thinking about my intention for this workout - to not throw up. Oh God, it's been a while so I want to be easy on myself, to be realistic about where I'm coming from, and enjoy it while my mind flips out," she shared.

They then launch into the workout, with the 30-year-old doing a series of plank-based moves, lunges, jumps, and squats to strengthen the core and tone the body.

Brie, getting visibly more hot and sweaty during the session, groaned throughout certain moves, and once said, "I feel my mortality in a way that I haven't in a while."

Teasing the footage on Twitter, the actress wrote, "Am I releasing an actual workout video tomorrow? Am I going to regret this? Forgot to mention this was my first workout all of quarantine. And I filmed it."