Rachael Leigh Cook will always be grateful to her former manager for protecting her from disgraced music mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The She's All That star disclosed she had two meetings with the former head of Miramax, who is now serving a 23-year-prison sentence for rape and sexual abuse, and looking back she's convinced she could have become one of his victims if it wasn't for her manager, who accompanied her both times.

"Absolutely, with every fibre of my being I know that," the actress told Variety.
"He was someone who people spoke about in a different tone, but it was years before I knew why," she confided.

Rachael has also recently opened up about her new romance following the break-up of her 15-year marriage to Daniel Gillies, revealing her new man, Kevin, is a producer and swimming coach.

"I'm dating this really nice guy named Kevin and he's a producer and also, get this, a swim coach," she told ET Canada.

"He swam in college on a scholarship because he's just sporty like that. So he coaches in season, and he's also this fancy producer guy. He's so smart," she praised.

Rachael confessed the new couple was set up by a mutual friend, actress Judy Greer, admitting at first she wasn't keen on the matchmaking.

"I was complaining about some online interactions that I've had and Judy Greer said, 'Well, when you're ready to meet someone nice, you should meet Kevin'. I told her that I'm sure her friend is great, but that seems like a lot of pressure because they're friends," she recounted.

Although she needed 'to figure out my disaster self for a while', Rachael came around to the idea.

"Sure enough, another two solid disasters later, I was like, 'I'm ready to meet nice Kevin. Where is he?'," she laughed.