(Cover) - EN Movies - Henry Cavill worked hard on getting his “eight pack” for new movie Immortals.

The British actor was in training for six months before filming to get the body of mythical Greek king Theseus.

Director Tarsem Singh demanded Henry improve his physique before shooting began.

“Tarsem said to me, ‘I don’t want a six pack I want an eight pack,’” Henry said in an interview with Access Hollywood. “That was the brief so I went for it. I was up at four in the morning, doing a couple of hours there and then a day’s work. It went up to about eight hours a day.”

Immortals follows Henry’s character Theseus - a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion.

Theseus is not the only hero Henry is playing. The 28-year-old has just begun shooting Superman movie Man of Steel in which he plays the caped crusader.

Henry revealed why he was drawn to such valiant roles.

“It is everything you dream of as a little boy,” he explained. “It’s fun being the hero because you get to win. It’s escapism, it’s fun, it’s fantasy and it’s storytelling.”

Photographs recently emerged of the star while he was shooting a scene from Man of Steel. Henry is shirtless in the images, but he insists this is just one small section of the film.

“That’s only once sequence, a small sequence in the movie,” he insisted. “It’s just people like to take a lot of photographs of it when they get the opportunity. It’s an essential thing for something like Superman. You’ve got to prove to everyone that it’s a super man, it’s not all fake, not all smoke and mirrors.”

Immortals is released worldwide this month and Man of Steel is slated to hit screens next summer.

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