Sharon Stone has turned her back on dating because she finds potential suitors so "insincere".

The movie star insisted she'd rather hang out with her three sons or meet up with friends than go for dinner with a guy.

"I just find people to be insincere and not worth my time," Sharon said during a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show.

"I enjoy my alone time and my time with my kids and friends more," she went on, "I just feel like I don’t need another kid, I don’t want any insincerity and bologna and game planning. I don’t know how to say this in a way that is politically correct."

She explained: "I don’t feel like men are at the same place women are right now. I have really good men friends but I just feel when it comes to emotional maturity in relationships that men and women are seemingly in different spots."

And the Basic Instinct star is trying to teach her three boys, aged 14 to 20, to be better men than most of the guys she knows.

"They’ll come into my room, the three of them together, and they’ll start up some kind of guy conversation and I’ll be standing there and they’ll go, 'We shouldn’t be doing this in front of mum'. And I say, 'You shouldn’t be doing this in front of each other. Let’s talk about it. Why are we having this conversation anyway?'" Sharon recounted.

"I am trying to teach my boys that the ideas that men have passed on of what it means to be powerful and important might not be wholly correct and might not ultimately benefit them even in relationship to each other, so they can be more successful in the future and get things they want in their life, happy and healthy relationship, success in business," she reflected, adding: "Just joy in their life."