Matthew Perry's newly-engaged happiness has been shattered by an ex amid claims he used her to score drugs when she was pregnant.

Kayti Edwards, who briefly dated the former Friends star a decade ago, has revealed she agreed to help the actor score heroin and crack cocaine so he wouldn't be "wandering around the streets", getting caught by the police or paparazzi.

Edwards told The Sun newspaper Perry hit a particularly rough patch in 2011 when she was five months pregnant.

"(I would be) going down and getting stuff for him," she recalled, sharing: "He (would say), 'No one's going to pull over a pregnant girl. Don't worry'."

She reflected: "I look back and think, 'What kind of friend was I?' I wanted to help him. He'd give me this guilt trip like, 'If you don't get me this I'm just gonna go there myself and walk downtown'. I was like, 'No, no, no, I'll just do it for you' because I didn't want him in his state of mind to A, be driving, and B, be wandering around the streets."

Edwards also disclosed to the tabloid she even made deliveries to Perry when he was working on the TV show Mr. Sunshine.
I remember I would go to Paramount (Studios), up to the gate, and I'd say, 'I'm here to see Matthew'," she said.

"I would drive through and he would just be in the trailer. I would think, 'How can you be working right now?' (But) he wasn't a functioning addict, you could see all over his face, he wasn't fooling anybody," she lamented.

Perry is now sober after multiple rehab stints and engaged to his girlfriend, literary manager Molly Hurwitz.