(Cover) - EN Movies - Bill Nighy says the Total Recall remake is in “really brilliant hands”.

The actor is starring as Kuato in the 2012 version of the 1990 movie, alongside Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel.

Bill understands the fans of the original may be nervous about the new version, but he believes director Len Wiseman has it under control.

“I think it’s in very, very good hands,” he said in an interview with collider.com. “I’ve worked with Len Wiseman before, on the Underworld series, in which I was a vampire. The first two of those were his first two films. And I admire him beyond measure. I think he’s tremendous, as a man and as a director. It’s a cliché, but he can really tell a story. With Die Hard 4.0, he did a brilliant job. If Total Recall is going to be remade, I think it’s in very good, beyond safe, really brilliant hands.”

Even though Bill usually despises watching himself act, he admits he can’t wait to see Total Recall.

The 61-year-old admires everything about the movies including the script and the dynamic cast.

“I love imaginative representations of a possible near-future, where you look at the technology and you think, ‘Well, yeah, that could really nearly be true.’ I like those kinds of backgrounds,” he enthused. “And, it’s a cracking script. Colin, Jessica, Bryan Cranston and Kate Beckinsale are a pretty hot cast. I look forward to seeing that, even though I’m in it. I hate seeing films I’m in, but I think I’m going to have to watch it because I want to see it so bad.”

Total Recall will be released worldwide next August.

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