The MIJ Masks founder has revealed all the items she carries around with her inside her purse, including a stash of accessories in case she ever needs to "bling" up an outfit.

Appearing on an episode of British Vogue's 'In The Bag' series, she said: "I always just carry around loads and loads of gold jewellery.

"So at the bottom of any bag I have there's always loads of necklaces, earrings, I don't know, belly piercing rings.
"Just because I am scatty and my bag is a black hole, but also you never know when you need to add some accessories.

"Go out in a vest, dig down in your bag ... bling!"

As well as perfume, two smartphones, eye drops and her own masks, Maya also makes sure she always has a single hair extension with her for whenever she might feel like adding extra length to her hair.

She said: "The next thing is a hair extension.

"If you follow me, my hair changes lengths quite often and in my bag always have pieces of ponytail or fringe just in case you lose a track. So there we are, one clip-in.

"I've definitely left my bag in certain places and people have been like, 'What? Is there a cat in there?" But, no, it's just a bit of my clip-on fringe."