Olivia Newton-John has "deregistered" her cancer foundation two months after launching it in her native Australia, so she can create a new U.S. base.

The singer and actress, who is currently battling stage-four metastatic breast cancer, started the ONJ Foundation Down Under in October, but now she's moving the operation to America for tax purposes.

"Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that John (Easterling, husband) and I and our fellow Directors of ONJ Foundation Ltd in Australia have chosen to voluntarily deregister the Foundation in Australia," she wrote on the charity's official Instagram page.

"John and I will now focus on our ONJ Foundation Fund in the USA. We're excited to be supporting plant medicine research, specifically for cancer, through a simple Donor Advised fund with CAF America!."

Olivia's publicist, Michael Caprico, adds: "Both Olivia and her husband John Easterling have been very active directors of the charity since its establishment, and have stated that they look forward to continuing their support for plant medicine research, specifically for cancer, in the USA.

"The ONJ Foundation received significant and positive public support after a soft-launch in October 2020, primarily from USA residents, and Olivia is keen to make sure these donors receive maximum tax benefits and support."