The 50-year-old actress voices the role of soul 22 in the new Disney Pixar film - which features Jamie Foxx as musician Joe Gardner whose soul is separated from his body – and she believes it examines life and its purpose.

Tina said: "I think the film asks a lot of big questions of you, what is your purpose in life? What makes you you? And it goes one step beyond that, which it also talks about even people with an all-consuming passion, at what point is that too much?

"You know, I think as Americans especially we're very driven and achievement oriented and attainment oriented. And there's really a call for stillness and just being present in kind of I think a Buddhist way. That was something I took away from this film. It's an important thing to remember."

The '30 Rock' creator explained that 22 "is too smart for her own good" but people can identify with the character as she uses toughness as a cover for fear and uncertainty.

She told "Well, I think she is too smart for her own good.

"And all of her kind of grouchy ... sarcasm comes from being afraid which is something I think a lot of us can identify with. She's afraid. She's scared to live, she's scared to go to Earth, she's worried that it's painful and stinky and scary. And I think we can all relate to that."

Fey also revealed how her character changes once she gets to Earth from a world known as the Great Before.
She said: "And that when she does get to go to Earth, I think she's open to new experiences.

"Once she finally puts her toe in the water, she's overwhelmed with how great pizza is and how beautiful trees are and I agree with her on both of those things."