Gemma Arterton was reassured by her The King's Man director Matthew Vaughn that she wasn't difficult to work with after previous comments she'd made on the topic.

The 34-year-old actress once joked in an interview that she was a "pain" to work with, due to her outspoken stance on feminism and unequal pay in Hollywood.

"Now everyone knows I’m a pain in the a*se, so I wouldn’t worry about it. They just go, ‘Oh, her again, going off about something.’ I don’t mind being a pain in the a*se if it’s for the right reasons," Arterton told The Guardian newspaper back in 2018.

Speaking again recently with the British publication, the actress said she's no longer shunned by movie bosses due to her views, and thanked Matthew for reassuring her that nobody thought she was difficult to work with.

“When I was working on The King's Man with Matthew Vaughn, he said he’d read that interview and couldn’t understand why I’d said it. He was, ‘But you’re the opposite of a pain, you’re the easiest person to work with'," she shared.

The actress plays Polly in the upcoming spy flick, alongside Ralph Fiennes, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Charles Dance, among other big names.

Elsewhere in the interview, Arterton said she feels more in control of her career now she's in her 30s, and recalled being pressured to be a certain type of actress when she was first starting out.

"When I was younger, people tried to mould me. They’d say: ‘We’ll cast you, but you need to do this, this and this.’ Whereas now I know what I need to work on as a character and I will do that myself. It’s different now. I feel a lot more grown-up. And people treat me more like a grown-up as well, I guess," she mused.

The King’s Man, part of the Kingsman franchise, is due for release in March.