Olly Alexander can't stand it when people have a problem with his fashion choices, because he uses his outfits to express his sexuality.

The Years & Years star shared one particular incident in an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K. magazine, as he remembered how a pair of chevron trousers divided opinion.

"There have been questions from people (not on my team) going, 'That might not be appropriate'. I had an occasion where I was wearing a pair of chevron trousers on a TV show," he explained.

"In rehearsals, a comment came back, saying, 'We think the chevrons are highlighting Olly's crotch. Does he have a different pair?'" he recalled, fuming: "Nobody would ever think that about this pair of trousers. We blew up and backed down. So the chevrons went on TV and nobody said a f**king thing."

He added: "It makes me angry. I'm a gay guy and I want people to know that, but it's interesting to see how quickly people become uncomfortable when you want to assert your own sexuality."

The Starstruck singer also praised former One Direction star Harry Styles for his confidence in his androgynous fashion choices.

"He just looks so good," Olly gushed, adding: "It's undeniable. I really respect his commitment to having fun, being playful and not caring what 'a traditional man' should wear."

He insisted: "Gender-fluid fashion has been around forever, but seeing it in a more mainstream context is cool. I'm all for guys getting to express themselves, no matter what their sexuality."