Kate Winslet “didn’t behave well” during her break-up from Louis Dowler, claims the male model.

Kate and Louis enjoyed a short-lived romance before the Hollywood actress fell for Richard Branson’s nephew, Ned RocknRoll.

Kate and Ned were both guests on Richard’s Necker Island in September when the billionaire’s home was devastated by a fire.

Louis says Kate handled the end of their affair very badly.

“I don’t think Kate behaved well and it is still very raw for me,” he told British newspaper The Daily Mail. “I was in love with her and you can’t switch that off overnight. I’m not sure Kate treated me well.”

Louis thought his relationship with Kate would be long-lived. The Burberry model says the stunning actress was even welcomed into his family home.

“Kate came home with me to Cornwall and we just hung out together. She met my parents and family,” he explained.

“I thought we were inseparable. I certainly haven’t found anyone else since.”

Louis explained the split was a complicated one. The 35-year-old star is still reeling about how quickly Kate moved on as he still has feelings for her.

“I don’t want to go into details but it wasn’t a straightforward break-up,” he admitted. “I’m a laid-back guy, so I am not walking around with a long face — but I do still hold a torch for her.”

Kate has been married twice before; her first union with Jim Threapleton ended in 2001 and she is also divorced from director Sam Mendes.

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