Jordana Brewster is engaged to marry her boyfriend Mason Morfit.

The Fast and Furious actress was snapped by paparazzi wearing an engagement ring while walking around Hollywood with the businessman, the CEO of investment firm ValueAct Capital, on Tuesday, and she subsequently confirmed the news on Instagram.

She posted a selfie showing her and Mason at the beach, with her resting her head on his shoulder as they pose for the photo, with her engagement ring on full display.

In the caption, she simply wrote, "JB soon to be JBM," with love heart emojis.

The 41-year-old began dating Mason soon after separating from her husband, producer Andrew Form, in early 2020. Jordana and Andrew were married from 2007 and share two sons - Julian, eight, and Rowan, five.

In an essay for Glamour in June, the actress called Mason "the love of my life" and revealed she was already thinking about them getting married.

"I still speed up sometimes. I’m already planning my second wedding in my head. But I stop myself when I get that rushed, buzzy feeling. I stop. I breathe. I write. Mason also calls me on it, which is helpful. I found it. I found him. I can slow down. And I do," she wrote.

She also shared that she first met Mason four years ago at a lunch when they were both married and they followed each on Instagram.

"Four days after I separated from Andrew, I was on a plane to San Francisco to visit this man I had met only once but who had stayed on my mind. I knew he'd been separated for two years. I wanted to see him, to confirm whether the image I’d built up in my mind matched reality. What I got was far more than I expected," she wrote, revealing they kissed when they met at the airport.