Conan O'Brien may not have won any prizes at the 2021 Emmy Awards on Sunday night - but that didn't stop him from having a lot of fun.

The former Late Night with Conan O'Brien presenter, who ended his 30-year hosting streak earlier this year, stole the show at the annual television awards night. First, the 58-year-old comedian took aim at the show's chief executive officer, Frank Scherma, as he approached the stage to give a speech.

"Television has always been-" Scherma attempted to say, before he noticed O'Brien shouting "YES!" over the end of the applause. The boss began to laugh and bow his head at the comedian, which caused the crowd to get up from their seats and give a standing ovation.

O'Brien then approached the stage, saluting Scherma aggressively. As O'Brien walked away, he tried to start his speech again, laughing, "Thank you, Conan. Television has always been a place where we can come together and share our most valuable resources - stories."

"We laugh, cry, and learn as we watch television," Scherma continued. When the camera panned out, it showed O'Brien still on his feet, saluting from his table.

Fellow entertainers took to Twitter to applaud the hijinks, with comedy star Wanda Sykes writing, "Conan is giving no F's tonight!"

Later on, the entertainer rushed the stage with fellow comedian Stephen Colbert as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert won the award for Outstanding Variety Special (Live). The two hugged and O'Brien stood behind Colbert as he approached the microphone, shouting "YES!" over the win.