Stacey Dash has revealed she once struggled with an addiction to prescription painkillers.

During an interview on The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday, the Clueless star opened up about her "deepest, darkest secret," revealing that she once had a severe addiction to prescription painkillers.

Dash said that at the height of her addiction, she was taking "18 to 20 pills a day" of Vicodin, which contains hydrocodone, which is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

"I lost everything," the 54-year-old actress recalled, before sharing that she recently celebrated five years sober. The actress explained that her parents had also struggled with addiction and that recovery allowed her to understand them better.

"The greatest blessing is that not only have I been able to be honest with myself and become a better person," Dash continued. "(But) I've been able to understand my parents and that they did love me, and that they were doing the best they could and they were just sick. They were addicted."

Dash also attributed her recovery to her faith, adding, "There have been days where I've spent the entire day on my knees and didn't move, until I felt God fill that hole inside of me."

Ahead of the episode premiere, the actress wrote on Facebook, "I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who have loved and supported me through my most challenging time," and encouraged others to open up about their struggles.