Ralph Fiennes loves cooking and says his best dish is scrambled eggs.

The talented actor is also an accomplished chef. He enjoys spending his free time preparing tasty meals for loved ones.

“I make good scrambled eggs,” he told the February issue of Elle magazine.

Ralph is very particular about his method for the dish. He is careful not to overcook the eggs as they can become too heavy.

“No, I can’t bear that,” he replied when asked if he lets the eggs get ‘custardy’. “They have to be runny, not all horrible and stodgy.”

As well as revealing his secret to the perfect scrambled eggs, Ralph has also given advice to those interested in pursuing an acting career.

Although the 49-year-old star admits it can be a tough industry, he has urged promising thespians to follow their dreams.

“If you feel this real hunger to do it, then you must do it,” he explained. “And quickly you will know if it works or if it doesn’t [laughs].”

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