Rebel Wilson has announced she is in a same-sex relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agruma.

The Aussie actress, 42, revealed the happy news on Instagram on Thursday.

"I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince... but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess," she wrote in a post alongside the hashtag #loveislove that brought congratulations from the likes of Selma Blair and Melanie Griffith.

Following the news, a friend told People: "Rebel's in an amazing place and I've never seen her happier."

Last month, the Pitch Perfect star told the same publication she had found love with a new partner, having previously taken time out from dating following a split from billionaire Jacob Busch. However, she did not reveal that it was Ramona.

"We spoke on the phone for weeks before meeting. And that was a really good way to get to know each other," she said of finding love. "It was a bit old-school in that sense - very romantic.

"I think going through the process of finding more self-worth, I think that what you want in a partner is elevated and so it's great to have someone who feels like an equal partner and be in a healthy relationship," added Wilson.

"There were times - I'm not saying with all my exes, they're great - but there were some times that I was probably putting up with that I shouldn't have. So it feels different to be in a really healthy relationship."