(Cover) - EN Movies - Daniel Craig brings James Bond back to the “Sean [Connery] days”, says producer Michael Wilson.

The British actor will reprise his role as the famed secret agent in upcoming instalment Skyfall.

The part has been played by a succession of diverse actors over the years, including Sir Sean Connery, Sir Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

Michael has been producing Bond films since 1979's Moonraker and says Daniel has brought the 007 character full circle.

"Sean was a tough guy; he set the tone," Wilson said. “[Roger] played it more comic. Roger was lighthearted. Timothy brought it down to earth and Pierce brought a touch of charm and touchiness.

“[Daniel] is a great actor who takes it back to the Sean days.”

Michael appreciates that there have been a wealth of successful action hero franchises emerging since Bond, including Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible movies and Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne series.

The film producer says Bond will always prevail though.

“There are plenty of imitators, but Bond really is the first one that was an anti-hero," he revealed in an interview with USA Today.

"I'm happy for the Bourne success. The worst thing for anyone is a bad movie. You see a good action movie, you're in the mood to see another."

Michael has explained the appeal of Bond since its debut in the 1960s.

“There's still a touch of sophistication people see in the films besides just action," he said. "Though that's always been an element."

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