British Actor and prolific Producer Mem Ferda (The Fearway, Deinfluencer) is set to Executive Produce, Michael and Sonny Mahal’s Epic Adventure Feature CURSED WATERS.

Directed by Adam Werth (Devil’s Knight) and starring Glenn Plummer (Black Lies), Michael Pare (The Resonator), Vernon Wells (Commando) and Costas Mandylor (Death Count).

CURSED WATERS is about a group of Pirates who flee to a nearby island after their ship is sunk in a naval battle. They soon discover the Island is inhabited by a terrifying Cult. Can they escape? Will they Survive?
We enter into a journey of survival and treasure hunting with thrills and twists at every turn.

Ferda comments “it’s amazing to be working with the incredibly talented Mahal Brothers once again, especially on this their most ambitious project to date”.

Cast includes: Glenn Plummer, Vernon Wells, Tom Proctor, Robert LaSardo, and Costas Mandylor.
Director: Adam Werth
Written by: BJ Mezek, Adam Werth Producers: Michael Mahal, Sonny Mahal
Executive Producers: Mem Ferda, Andrew S Cortez,Wayne D Burdette Jr, Wesley Cannon, Alexander Hauck