Film and video makers, actors, animators, writers, directors, producers, students, teachers, film schools, organisations etc. The FM – Film & Music Artist Platform, a unique international platform for all artists working in the world of film and music, is now open.

Membership is free for everyone, no matter how old they are or where they live.

The platform offers lots of categories for you to choose from, depending on the specific type of artistic work you do in the film business. It comes with plenty of features and options for all members, and it is entirely up to you which ones you choose to use.

Create your profiles and promote your art. Link your video, television or film projects, whatever the genre. Provide links to your social media or the work sites you use. Add the latest trailers for your premieres and launches. Let everyone know about your news and upcoming projects and plans.

It is quick and easy to create a profile. 1. REGISTER 2. CREATE YOUR PROFILE and publish it following our step-by-step guide. The whole process is speeded up thanks to FM’s clear picture guide, which you can find in the How to Join section of the site here.

Get in touch with people like yourself in other countries, establish co-production partnerships, and offer your skills to producers and directors. Invite everyone to events, screenings, openings, and presentations you are planning. Tell people about your premieres at festivals and involvement in film fairs. Create photo galleries for your promotional and presentation photos.

Film companies, institutions, organisations, schools.
Film schools, students, institutions, and businesses can notify other members about their activities, either through their profiles on the platform or by making use of a wide range of promotional opportunities that will enable them to showcase their products and services to film artists on the platform. Who knows, your product or service may be exactly what our members are looking for or enable them to upgrade and help them in their film projects.

All this and much more in one place on the FM platform. Join now on the official website here.

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