The 38-year-old wrestler has admitted he worries about the fact there is something "missing" for both himself and his wife and felt they were currently at a level of just trying to "survive".

In an episode of 'Total Bellas' filmed before Brie announced she was pregnant with their second child, he said in a confessional: "I often wonder if this kind of relationship is sustainable at all. There's so much missing, I think, in each of our emotional lives.

"We need to get back on the same page. Honestly, we're just trying to survive. That's what it feels like."

Daniel's admission came after Brie voiced her intention for herself and her husband - whose real name is Bryan Danielson - to be more affectionate with one another, but ultimately ended in an argument about whether or not they wanted a sibling for their daughter Birdie, three.

Daniel reflected: "Right after hearing Brie say, 'Well, our family is not gonna be as big as we had planned it to be,' I'm mildly annoyed by the demand for more PDA.

"When I come here, I'm all about Brie and Birdie. But she's got Birdie, she's got [her sister] Nicole, she's got her businesses, she's got all these other things, so it's easier for me to fall kind of by the wayside.

"And that's one of the compromises that we've made, and I think that's the issue. We're both feeling this disconnection. It just shows kind of where we're at in our relationship."

But reflecting on the argument, Brie, 36, admitted she thought her husband was "100 percent right" and they need to find a way to accept how each other and their priorities have changed.

She said: "In the beginning of us dating, I was just wrestling and just living my life. And I'm evolving as a woman.
"I'm getting opportunities I never in my life thought I would ever get. I have worked so hard to get here. And I get why it's hard for Bryan.

"We both have changed and we do both want different things, and we have to be okay with that."