The 25-year-old television presenter is currently single since splitting from Stormzy last summer, but has said potential partners will have no chance if they slide into her messages on social media.

Maya doesn’t like responding to messages but has been reading them lately, and can’t believe how many people have sent her X-rated snaps.

She said: “I never used to reply to DMs because I’d be like, I don’t ever want to meet somebody through DMs.

“But obviously, recently I’ve replied to DMs. If somebody’s done a funny meme or a gif, or something like that makes me chuckle, that’s good.

“It always goes through my mind, like, ‘You’ve sent me a picture of your willy. Even if I loved the sight of you, I can’t respond to you now because I’ve just seen your willy’.”

When the beauty does find a man she likes, she contacts her friends to see if they know anything about him, so she can make sure he’s suitable for her.

She added: “If I’m going to speak to a guy I will find out everything I can about them before I’ve even given them my number. I’m literally like, in the group chat, ‘Girls, do you know anything about him?’

“What I’ve been doing in my life is, if somebody asks for my number, I just call them straight away.

“You know instantly from the phone conversation if you can date them."

Maya is currently spending time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has advocated for “phone sex” to temporarily replace the real thing.

Speaking to Clara Amfo on Instagram Live, she said: “If you are confident enough to do it, phone sex is the movement. That’s what people have been doing for years in long distance.

“I need to practise my sexy voice on the phone and see where it goes.”