RISS, a documentary from Red Bull Media House and Hamblin Imagery, is set for its on-demand release on 11th May 2020 on Red Bull TV. The film will receive its digital premiere on 7th May on Refinery29’s Facebook Watch followed by a Q&A with Moore. It will also be made available as a three-part series on Refinery29’s YouTube Channel.

RISS was written, directed and edited by Hamblin Imagery’s founder Peter Hamblin. It marks the latest in a line of co-productions between UK HQ’d Hamblin Imagery and Red Bull Media House following the Emmy Award winning surf film Let’s Be Frank in 2016, and two seasons of the multi-award winning The Ripple Effect.

RISS is a candid, mixed-media exploration into the life of newly titled Olympic surfer Carissa Moore, exploring her sense of purpose. Centred around the 2019 World Surf League championship season and Olympic qualification, the film follows the Honolulu native’s journey in giving back, inspiring the younger generation and ultimately striving to be defined by more than the results.

As a ruthless competitor who holds herself to the highest standards, Carissa became the youngest WSL champion in professional surfing and a four-time world titlist. Following her third championship in 2015, success was met with challenging years ahead. As other women dominated the podiums, Moore struggled to find her footing which caused a re-evaluation in priorities.

“I’ve always been chasing results and other people’s validation. In 2019, I was finally like, ‘No, none of that matters. I’m a daughter, I’m a sister. I’m a friend, I’m a wife”, says Moore.

RISS ushers in a new phase of Carissa’s life while celebrating a comeback that was the culmination of years of emotional searching and hard-won personal strides. It captures the turning point and how the 2019 title race unfolded as a result.

“My goal was to peel back layers and show the person behind the athlete,” says director and Hamblin Imagery founder, Peter Hamblin. “Everyone sees this one perspective of her, and [I wanted] to show the depth of her personality and what a wonderful person she is.”

"This is a real look into who I am, as a person, and I hope people are inspired to live authentically, chase their dreams and treat others with love,” says Moore. “I hope this film is something positive that can be a nice escape for a little while from everything that’s going on."

True to Hamblin’s unorthodox and explorative style, the film uses mixed media to tell Moore’s story in a way that is true to her character. It includes home movie footage from Moore’s childhood as well as animated sequences and footage shot by Hamblin himself, on a range of cameras from the Phantom at 1000 FPS, to RED, Panasonic S1H, Nizo 8mm, Leica M3.

Hamblin Imagery’s next film to be released across festivals this year is a fiction comedy short starring Bafta-winning actor Celyn Jones, entitled In Hope Of Nothing. It tells the tale of two brothers, negotiating the trials and tribulations of producing a Hollywood movie, the challenges they face on that journey, and their endlessly entangled professional and personal sibling relationship.

“Peter’s done a very good job of taking a genuine, real look into who I am, as a person.” - Carissa Moore

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