Rose Byrne was delighted to be able to keep some of her outfits from her TV show Mrs. America.

The 40-year-old plays American activist Gloria Steinem in the hit drama series, which follows the story of feminist icons such as Steinem, Shirley Chisholm and Betty Friedan and the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

However, conservative organiser Phyllis Schlafly, played by Cate Blanchett, helped halt the amendment being passed after she publicly challenged the feminists.

Byrne discussed her time filming the hit show in an interview with Elle U.S. magazine, and revealed that she was even able to keep some of the '70s outfits created by costume designer Bina Daigeler.

"There was this one episode where Gloria wears a great multicoloured pattern shift dress made by Bina. She's also got this bolero hat. I loved that. Bina was so specific about the fabrics and the textures, because it's easy to veer into retro when you're doing a historical piece," she explained. "This was such an iconic part of fashion history, but it can become a parody if it's not done right. We felt it was very important to make it look as authentic as possible."

Byrne also revealed that she worked closely with Daigeler to replicate Steinem's chic fashion choices.

"That started with trying to emulate her silhouette: Her hair. Her glasses. Do we go with high-waisted pants, or her mini skirts? Gloria also had this innate sensuality about her, (but) the show never objectifies her," she stated. "There's never a male gaze on her."