Halle Berry has shared her simple meditation routine to help others find "peace, healing and solace".

The Oscar-winning actress has been meditating for nearly two decades and relies on using the mindfulness technique daily to enable her to keep her two children, Nahla, 12, and six-year-old Maceo, calm during the coronavirus pandemic.

"In times like these, I think that children need their parents to set the tone. If I'm frightened and frazzled, my kids absorb it all like sponges. Meditation helps me stay calm and balanced, so that I can show up for my kids and help them to feel more at peace and less afraid," Halle told Women's Health magazine.

"I've always found peace, healing, and solace in meditation – and that's especially true (and important) right now when we're amidst so much unrest and it's so easy to operate out of fear."

The Catwoman star starts her day with a session first thing in the morning – "sometimes for 10 minutes, sometimes for an hour" – and said it helps to keep her present and grounded.

"I believe meditation can have a profound impact on a much larger scale, too. Meditation can truly help all of us change the collective energy of our world and transform our reality into a more positive one," the 53-year-old mused.

Halle then revealed her "incredibly simple" meditation routine. She starts by finding a quiet spot where she can sit and close her eyes, focusing on her breathing, and after a few minutes, she begins to "think about the intention of your meditation", and ends her session by writing down her thoughts so she can reflect.