Halle Berry has credited yoga with helping her to banish "negative energy" from her life.

The Oscar-winning actress often uses her Instagram page to promote her health and wellness techniques, as well as her new Re-spin lifestyle app.

Opening up about her love of yoga and stretching sessions in a new article for U.S. Women's Health magazine, Halle insisted the practice has been beneficial for all aspects of her health, especially when it comes to fighting stress.

"Thanks to plenty of personal experience, I believe that if we allow negative energy and stress to fester within us, they profoundly influence our health and wellbeing," she wrote. "One of the most helpful stress-releasing practices for me is yoga. To me, it's a physical form of meditation that allows me to move negative energy out of my body. Whatever type of yoga I practice, focusing on my breath and really feeling my body as I flow through and hold poses really centres me. It's like the stress just lifts right out of me."

Halle went on to explain that she tries to practice yoga three times a week for a minimum of 15 minutes, but will sometimes just do a downward dog or child's pose.

And in light of the coronavirus lockdown, she's found that taking a moment out of her busy day just to breathe and relax has really aided her in maintaining balance.

"In addition to making these practices a regular part of my routine, I also turn to them in the moments when stress threatens to seriously throw me off or consume me," the 53-year-old added. "The other night, for example, I found myself stretching in my bedroom at 3 o'clock in the morning because the sound of helicopters outside was making me anxious. (I'm honestly a big fan of punching a pillow or kicking a heavy bag in these moments. Sometimes you just have to fight that unhelpful energy right out of your body...)."