A-list cinematographers have joined forces during the first lockdown period of the 2020 pandemic to create the Erēmīta (Anthologies).

The anthology includes pieces by:
● Alexis Zabé ​(The Florida Project, Silent Light, Post Tenebras Lux)
● Chayse Irvin ​(Blackkklansman, Hannah, Medeas)
● Ashley Connor ​(The Death of Dick Long, Madeline's Madeline, The Miseducation of Cameron Post)
● Soledad Rodríguez ​(Alia's Birth, Pendular, History of Fear, The Good Intentions)
● Stefano Falivene​ (Siberia, Pasolini, Bel Ami)
● Antoine Héberlé ​(A Son, Oblivion Versus, Inheritance)
● Benoît Dervaux ​(Young Ahmed, Two Days One Night, The Unknown Girl)
● Sam Abbas​ ​(Alia’s Birth, Rusted Caravaggios, The Wedding)

Logline: An anthology of short documentaries composed during the 2020 pandemic by leading cinematographers curated and produced by Sam Abbas.

When Abbas reached out to his favorite cinematographers he made it clear: “​THERE IS NO THEME. Film whatever you want, however you want with whomever you want.”

In return together the team has created a work of ​visual inventiveness. Made up entirely of images that are elaborately, personally crafted and painting-like. The anthology is not only a tribute to cinema but at the same time an analysis on the history of cinema while stretching the literary form. The team of superstars have created a cinematic marvel experience.

“This is by far the most ambitious film I’ve ever made. It’s been a wonderful journey working with my heroes. I never thought I’d be able to make such a project or really anything of similar style. I’m forever indebted to each and every team member.” -Abbas

The development is also very unique in many ways. The film was made in a democratic setting; each cinematographer had final-cut for each of their pieces before Abbas curated the whole. The project is on track for completion before the winter festivals. Any profits from this film will be donated entirely to a charity the team votes on.

Photo credit: © Erēmīta Anthologies