Wooed by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Sir Richard Branson, the Queen, Jimmy Page and Sir Roger Moore (to name but a few), world-class magician and mind-boggling mind-reader Chris Dugdale will no doubt wow the crowds all over again with his new show at Riverside Studios!
Having had the pleasure to receive an invite to the press night, I was as curious as a cat as to what the current show might hold in store, though admittedly, when it comes to magic I have always belonged to the ‘Sceptical’-tribe.

Well, let’s just say that Mr. Dugdale’s show not only took my scepticism away but my breath, too! The opening act alone will leave you not only astonished but also amused, as he really plays more than just some magic tricks on you. But I won’t give this away… you really have to see the show, which by the way is divided into two parts.

Part one had the emphasis on all sorts of card tricks, during which members of the audience were encouraged to participate on stage, while others seated in the audience contributed their bit to make each trick even more mind-boggling. Master of Illusion Chris Dugdale certainly knows how to charm his audience and make participating members feel relaxed about getting involved, cutting a suave figure in his black suit while conjuring up his magical wonders and pranks. One particular trick involved the merging of finger rings from some audience members. Be prepared to be astonished.

Part two had the emphasis on various mind-reading tricks, during which selected participants where seated on stage and then asked to THINK of places they would like to travel to, and of a person (past, present, fictional) they would like to travel with. Mr. Dugdale set himself yet another challenge by guessing the thoughts of his participants, and how did you guess that he guessed right every single time. Throughout the evening, he insisted that each and every one of the participating audience members where just that, and not plants.

There were other things going on as well during the show, for example a hooded figure walking across the stage, who then suddenly disappeared into seemingly thin air, with only the hooded robe dropping to the ground! How on earth is it done? We want more of that, please!

The show, directed by Tony Middleton (a freelance magician himself), fuses live and recorded video, cutting edge technology with close-up magic, mind-reading and theatrical artistry to create an interactive spectacle that will make your jaw drop. Particularly impressive are the tricks that involve screen projections while Mr. Dugdale spins his magic live on stage, such as the projection of a 19th century curiosity shop with all sorts of bric-a-brac items displayed in the window. Suddenly, he touches the screen (completely empty-handed) and pulls out one of the items from the projected window display! How on earth is it done? We certainly want more of that, please!

Go see this incredible show for yourself – it will leave you bedazzled, bewitched, astonished and above all, entertained.

Chris Dugdale: An Evening of Magic and Mindreading
From 31st August to 19th September 2010 at Riverside Studios
Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9RL

BOX OFFICE: 020 8237 1111
Tues – Sat at 7.45pm / Sun at 4pm / Matinees: 4th, 11th and 18th Sept. at 2.30pm
Call box office for ticket prices.