Just because you have Tom Cruise in the movie does not give any guarantee that it will be good. Or a success. The Mummy is neither good nor a success, or at least as big a success as it was expected to be. A reboot of The Mummy franchise with a different and new cast, the film does not live up to hype and expectations at all.

Tom Cruise plays the leading role as Nick Morton, a treasure-hunting American soldier who inadvertently releases Princess Ahmanet into the world. Princess Ahmanet is ‘the mummy’; she had been buried alive for eternity for selling her soul to the Egyptian god Set and murdering her family. She has now been released and has chosen Nick Morton as the vessel to bring Set into the world.

That the premise of the movie is very simple does not come as a surprise - it was never going to be convoluted or deep; what does disappoint is the way the film is made around this premise. While the movie does start well and captures the audience’s attention in the opening 30 or so minutes, once the ‘real action’ it becomes a case of ‘been there, done that’.

Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis do act well and try their best, but they cannot save a movie that is steeped in mediocrity. Russell Crowe is the worst thing about The Mummy, or rather his Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde appearance is. It is genuinely ghastly and is a parody in itself.

While the ending of The Mummy could pleasantly surprise many and leaves the door open for a sequel, the makers of the movie can take solace from the fact that there are and will be worse films this year.