Fantasia was the third feature film from Walt Disney in 1940, consisting of short illustrations to well-known classical music. To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary director Daisy Evans brings us ‘Sounds and Sorcery’ – a new immersive theatre show at Waterloo Vaults.

There are six installations in separate rooms, ranging from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice to the Nutcracker Suite – consisting of an all-encompassing mix of performance art, light shows and video installations close enough to reach out and touch.
Entrants are given headphones and invited to wander around the different rooms at their own pace, free to revisit as desired. The highlight was the main room where Ponchielli’s Dance of the Hours was performed with four dancers expertly entertaining the room which was a mix of Russian splendor with full technicolor hue. There’s also a bar at the far end with a good selection of cocktails.

The event was topped with a magical final scene that I won’t spoil as it was almost worth the admission fee alone. If you’re into immersive theatre head down to the Vaults before 30th Sept.