Director: Theo Watkins.
As annoying as these newfangled electronic tills are this bonkers comic film acts as a cautionary tale should you lose your rag with one. 3/5

One in Two People
Director: Ali Mashayekhi.
No one believes Emily that there is someone in her room until they one by one go in and see what is hiding within, that disappoints after a solid build up. 3/5

Old Beginnings
Director: Suni Khan
A refreshing, if meandering story of a couple who are looking to clear the way to a new start with the help of strange Japanese ritual. 3/5

Tomorrow Might Be The Day
Director Josefa Celestin
A beautiful film with some haunting images that asks a lot of the audience as a devout uncle, fearful of the apocalyptic warnings that are all around him looks to save his niece. 4/5

Under the Parasol
Director: Stanislava Buevich
This is a slight and slightly predicable film the central conceit of which will be twigged almost as soon as the film starts. 2/5

Five Course Meal
Director: James Addend
This Canadian gross out is not one for those who are techy about table manners as a couple take part in a bizarre eating experiment. 4/5

Director: Hana Kazim
A bold film from the United Arab Emirates about an exorcist who claims to be able to get rid of a Djinn is hired by a man who isn’t quite what he seems. A tightly directed film that touches on a number of issues. 4/5

Directors: Emily Haigh & Alon Young
Should we make anything of the Goya painting of Cronos in the background as a female applicant is put through the wringer of a dreadful interview with two patronising SoBs? A very classy production for a very clever film heavy on symbolism but dishes out the horror. 4/5

The Obliteration of Chickens
Director: Izzy Lee
There may well be a message in this but for three minutes just soak up the absurdity of this very funny film that throws out images almost at random only to finally fix on a target for destruction. 4/5

Torching the Dusties
Directors: Marlene Goldman & Philip McKee
Macular degeneration has its gifts? I’m not so sure about that. An old couple are under siege in their retirement home as a wave of protests against their perceived privilege start to get out of control. This very good film takes a very current complicated issue to an extreme conclusion. 4/5