Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Proud Cabaret and Idea Generation invited to the launch of an all new extravaganza, exploring the art of cabaret and burlesque through the ages at London’s ONLY resident cabaret floorshow: DECADES.

Directed and choreographed by Milo Miles Elkington exclusively for Proud, it features burlesque beauties and aerial artists only inches away from the seating area, teasing you through the decades from the roaring 1920’s, swing and jive to contemporary pop-rock. This new show-stopping cirque-cabaret exclusive premiered on 21st September and is yours to enjoy for the next ten weeks only!

As the very friendly and drop-dead gorgeous PR-lady (all the ladies here are drop-dead gorgeous) ushers me downstairs, the first thing I notice – apart from the plush and Art-deco style décor – is the ‘Cabaret’ logo above the entrance to the main venue. It’s not just any logo but an exact replica of the 1972 movie starring Liza Minnelli. No doubt this was a deliberate decision; after all, this extensively renovated arcane retreat models itself on a 1920’s Berlin speakeasy (make that Kabarett). The venue now includes a newly extended stage with runway, expanded islands of seating to incorporate 275 guests and a new raised ceiling for aerial performances.

After a champagne and canapé reception for invited journalists on press night, Alex Proud (the genius behind the Proud Group), took to the stage and welcomed everyone. He explained how very excited he is to launch the new show and how much effort, work and dedication has gone into it. He seemed especially proud (no pun intended) to not only have exceptionally talented artists on board who perform the show, but didn’t fail to mention his dedicated staff who ensure that everything runs smooth and guests can enjoy their drinks or meals in an atmosphere of utter relaxation and opulence. To quote Herr Proud when asked how he differentiates his nightlife concept in a market where something new and different appears almost every single night: “Simple. You offer something that’s classic and timeless. You open a club whose aim is give its customers a great time, rather than be the talk of the town for a frenetic fortnight.”

Compere of the spectacle is blond bombshell Coco Dubois, who not only announces the acts and artist but belts out a good deal of songs herself. What a voice… and a personality to match!
After ragtime tunes on the piano, the show kicked of with the 1920’s and a troupe of dancers who looked as if they just time-warped from that era. Titillating and raunchy, this first act perhaps personified the true essence of the golden era of cabaret the most.
It went on through the 30s and 40’s with swing numbers and ladies dressed in ‘Andrew Sisters’ style but peeling off the attire in the process. The guest also enjoyed suave gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo saluting ‘Fred Astaire’ with his classic cane skills. The 50’s jived with petticoat girls and teddy boy (yes, there are guys amongst the performers – with impeccable bodies), while the 60’s and 70s took on the guise of Pink Ladies, free-loving hippies, Bond villains and saucy sirens. The 80’s had comedy acrobat Abi Collins displaying some hilariously executed ‘Madonna’ routines – talk about strike the pose! And you really ought to see her alter ego, Russian diva Katinka, dancing to Swan Lake on traffic cones. Meanwhile, the 90’s camped it up with a soundtrack to Queen and sexy boys.
It was an incredible night out and an incredible performance by all the artists involved, though I would have loved to see a take on ‘Christina Aguilera’s’ ultimate swing jazz number ‘Candyman’ included.

Meine Damen und Herren... Mesdames et Messieurs... Ladies and Gentlemen. Where are your troubles now? Forgotten? I told you so. We have no troubles here. Here, life is beautiful... The girls and boys are beautiful... Even the orchestra is beautiful.
Auf wiedersehen! À bientôt!

Proud Cabaret
1 Mark Lane (corner of Dunster and Mark Lane)
London EC3R 7AH

For further info and area reservations, please contact Kitty Lester on 020-8463-3070 or kitty@proud.co.uk