Bark - Director: Ryan Irving
It takes a little bit to get into this but once grasped it is a highly entertaining and clever film with some marvellous voice work (4/5)

A Bit of Fun - Director: Florence Kosky
No, it’s not, for these three (or four) women who hold a séance to contact their dead friend. Very clever and poignant film make excellent use of limited space and resources (4/5)

Breakfast - Directors: Paul Beattie, Melanie Rios
Tightly directed and an excellent sound can’t save this short from a predictable end once mother starts to recover from her injuries and is very hungry. (2/5)

Flesh Control - Director: Christopher McSherry
Bizarre and gaudy this strange film features insect, enjoying a full cup of sugar as they carry out their clear instructions to exterminate pests. (3/5)

Subject 3 - Director: Teresa Decher
A pandemic has hit the planet as we see it take hold in its initial stages though there are medics who are testing for a cure. Two years later and Cassie (Teresa Decher) is on the road. the pandemic still lingers but people no longer wearing masks (they don’t work). Back in her hometown to say goodbye she reveals her reasons for leaving and return. And then there is a knock on the door. Well-made and frankly depressing this hits a number of spots hard (3/5)

Jeff Drives You - Director: Aidan Brezonick
Getting an advanced driverless car for a very long journey to a wedding is a godsend for David (Addison Heiman) with sparkling conversation between them, until the car (Tanner Rittenhouse) starts to get into personal details and things develop. Very enjoyable film that has a neat twist and good performances from the actors. (4/5)

Ouzo and Blackcurrant - Director: Nat Luurtsema
Esta (Cherelle Skeete) and Jeanie (Sara Huxley) are two friends to reunite triggering some non-too pleasant memories and something else. This feels as it could have done with a bit more development before it reached its conclusion (2/5)

Tarrare - Director: Brian Gillespie
Grotesque, ugly and deeply unpleasant sum up the illustration and this tale of an insatiable creature whose hunger is never sated until if finds the ultimate morsel. Told with rhyming relish by Ian Lassiter. (4/5)

Guest - Director: Finn Callan
Very unnerving story of Mary (Melania Crisan) whom we initially see heavily bandaged around the head and retelling her tale to a woman (Jessica Munna) whose house she has broken into. Flashbacks explain why and her shocking remedy. (3/5)

The Beholder - Director: Shaun Clark
An oft adapted story Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart needs a rest now and while the animation is excellent this is far too short to make any sort of impact. (2/5)