Hannah & Suruthi met at a and drunkenly agreed to start a podcast about murders, against the odds, they actually did. Fast forward 4 years and RedHanded is not only their full time job, but a huge financial success and the UKs top true crime podcast.

Can you introduce yourself for our readers please?

We are Hannah & Suruthi hosts of RedHanded the UKs top true crime podcast.

The podcast has grown from strength to strength since you started in 2017, what’ve been the highlights for you so far?

There have been a lot of amazing pitstops on our journey. A real standout was getting a tweet in the middle of the night telling us that Dan Harmon wanted to fly us out to LA to be guests on HarmonTown. We love to do live shows and HarmonTown was a real baptism of fire, after that we felt like we could do anything.

We came 2nd in the Listeners Choice Category at the British Podcast Awards in 2020. Beating absolutely huge names and making us the second most popular podcast in the UK which felt amazing.

But the thing that has been genuinely lifechanging, is being about to quit our day jobs and become full time pod aficionado, it really is a dream come true to not get the Sunday scary’s anymore!

We’ve seen a boom in true crime in various guises over the last few years, what was the appeal for you two?

We’ve both always been obsessed with why people do horrifying and depraved things. True crime shines a light on the extremes of human behaviour and gives us a chance to explore it, and then walk away. Also crime is inherently political, it is the perfect lens to examine our culture through whilst telling a compelling story.

What would you like to see more of in future films and shows in the genre?

Enough with the web sleuths!

Don’t Fuck with Cats was absolutely incredible, but it has spawned this flurry of keyboard warrior centred content which just isn’t that interesting. We’re all for duvet detective discovery, but sometimes people get carried away and accuse people who had nothing to do with the crime because they got the wrong end of the stick.

When you’re looking at cases to cover, what are the first things you consider?

The only question we ask ourselves when picking a case is “is this interesting?”. We don’t have any rules other than that. We didn’t want to fence ourselves in unnecessarily. We are at our best when we have something to say, so covering cases that are linked to current topics, movements and influences are always at the top of our list.

What are your favourite true crime TV shows and films?

“The Jinx” is the best true crime documentary ever made – happy to fight anyone on that one.

Are there any documentaries you’re excited to see in 2021?

We absolutely loved ASSASSINS directed by Ryan White. It tells the story of the two women who assassinated Kim Jong Nam. It is an incredible story and we learned so much about such an important point in modern history. We realised we knew nothing about what actually happened.

What’s next for RedHanded this year?

We’ve just finished writing our first ever book! “RedHanded: An Exploration of Criminals, Cannibals, Cults & What Makes A Killer Tick” will be out in the autumn and we’re so proud of it”! We can’t wait to see what people think.

We cannot wait to get back on the road touring again. We absolutely love meeting the listeners and performing live is an absolute treat that we have sorely missed.