“It’s the marvel of the age” indeed! To celebrate Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s much-loved Supermarionation series, this deluxe 60th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition (remastered in HD) takes the viewers back on a nostalgic trip with fearless test pilot Mike Mercury and his jet-powered Supercar which can do a lot more than just fly.

Long before Gerry and Sylvia Anderson made young hearts beat faster with their animated puppet adventures such as ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Stingray’ and ‘Captain Scarlet’ they had already gathered a fanbase with this cult British-TV show broadcast between 1961 and 1962 (not only seen on British televisions but also in the US and Canada). For this b/w adventure creator Gerry Anderson felt inspired by the famous Prague marionette theater! SUPERCAR is an aircraft invented by Professor Rudolph Popkiss and Dr. Horatio Beaker and it can take off and land only vertically. It’s housed in a lab and living facility in Nevada (which explains some of the American accents though Professor Popkiss sounds suspiciously German). Mike Mercury gets involved in usually dangerous but occasionally also humorous adventures which take him not only high in the sky or under water but all over the globe!
Other main characters featured in each episode are little Jimmy Gibson (who was rescued by Mike and his prototype vehicle while stranded at sea following a plane crash) plus his beloved pet monkey Mitch. Naturally there are plenty of bad guys like Masterspy and his accomplice Zarrin, Cockney gangster Ben Judd who is nicely juxtposed by posh criminal Mr. Harper. In every episode (roughly 25 minutes long) Mike Mercury and his ‘team’ are challenged as their hair-raising adventures take them all around the world - for example in ‘Amazonian Adventure’ they have to take on cannibals and in 'The Talisman of Sargon’ they are confronted with mummies and secret hieroglyphics.

Other recurring characters are Felicity Beaker (Dr. Beaker’s cousin) and Jimmy’s older brother Bill Gibson (it is he who crashed his plane in the opening episode). Mike Mercury even ends up in Inverlochy, Scotland, in the search for the ‘Phantom Piper’ (an absolute hoot this one what with Mitch the monkey performing a traditional Scottish country dance!) and in ‘A Little Art’ Mike and Dr. Beaker take on a dodgy art dealer and his shady sidekick who try to locate a forger’s plate via a landscape painting. The episodes are invariably inventive and original and despite the fact that some of the marionettes appear somewhat primitive compared with later and more sophisticated puppet characters (in particular Gerry Anderson’s 1980s series ‘Terrahawks’) this is an early indication of things to come!

Exclusive and available only via Network on Air (www.networkonair.com) this 5-Disc set comes with an array of super-bonuses including:
* Deluxe packaging
* Brand-new paperback book on the making of Supercar by Andrew Pixley
* Brand-new Supercar comic by Martin Cater and Bambos Georgiou
* Replica Supercar pilot's license and badge
* Full Boost Vertical: The Supercar Story documentary
* Audio commentaries with Gerry Anderson on selected episodes
* Archive film material, including background footage, ad bumper and foreign titles
* Bill Mevin's Supercar Home Movie
* Image galleries